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December 3rd, 2005

Cadaver Dogs Two

A few months ago I posted about how the police train cadaver dogs. Recap: to train a dog to find dead bodies they construct something called a scent tube. It’s made from PVC and sealed at both ends after inserting a piece of gauze that’s been doused with one of the following perfumes: Pseudo Corpse I or II (II is a corpse further along), Pseudo Drowned Victim, or Cadaverine. They get the stuff from the Sigma Chemical Company in St. Louis.

I found a site for training dogs and saw that Sigma also makes “Distressed Body Scent,” and for training dogs to find narcotics, they make marijhana, cocaine, LSD and heroin scents. I always figured they used the real thing to train the dogs. Sigma was careful to note that they don’t use the real thing in any of their products.

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