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About this Blog

Attention: This blog is no longer active. I’m leaving it up because the information, advice, and links are still useful.

I’m doing this blog for two reasons. One. I wanted to get the word out about my book. Two. Few people know what to do when someone they loved is murdered and their case goes cold. They don’t know who to call, or how to get what they need from law enforcement. Detectives don’t always know how to find the information they need. The families have questions. The detectives have questions. Different people have different areas of expertise, nobody has all the answers. I want this to be where people go for answers, to find experts. To find help. 

It’s a work in progress. Tell me what you need. If you’re from law enforcement, if you are a family member, tell me what I can do to make this site more useful. If you are a professional with expertise you would like to share, first, THANK YOU, and second, please email me. 

New Policy for Posting Comments

Because of recent behavior, I need to institute a policy. Taking anonymous cheap shots will not be not allowed.  To post here, you’re going to have to be a man (or a woman) and use your real name. That said, please don’t come here to post that kind of thing. Help us. This blog is here to help law enforcement and the family and friends of someone who was murdered and whose case went cold. Let’s see what you’ve got. Help someone here.