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August 6th, 2005

What to Do When A Case Goes Cold/Part 1

I spent the last few days reading posts from family members of murder victims on a cold case website. It was heartbreaking. Post after post like, “My son was murdered 10 years ago and no one was ever caught, please help me,” went largely unanswered. (Not anyone’s fault, it wasn’t a place set up to provide help.)

I have a list of Cold Case Squads that I’ve been putting together, to see it click here. Whenever I hear about a Cold Case Squad being formed I call them and ask if I can add them to my list. I’ve been working my way through calling everyone on a list of law enforcement agenices who got DNA grants from the Dept. of Justice to test evidence from cold case.

If you know of a cold case squad or unit that is not on my list, please email me.

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  • 1 Debbie Fleming // Nov 18, 2005 at 1:23 pm

    My heart goes out to everybody with murdered families and missing loved one’s. I would like to advocate the importance of trying to get these missing person laws changed because not everyone’s rights are protected I am outraged how some cases are singled out over others and some are given priority I don’t care if they have been missing 5 years or 39 years we want all our loved one’s found that are missing and alot of times are put on the back burner their needs to be reform to impose and impliment these changes I have written senators on this issue also to educate and train law enforcement agencies on state & federal level to provide the needs of the families in alot of cases the smaller area’s smaller police agencies don’t want to do to much time or effort they act like they don’t care they just assume they are dead and alot of times that person could be found if a little hard work put into it they need the what I call “I CARE ATTITUDE”. Public awareness is so important because alot of times cases do go not reported simply because people are in pain, agony, frustrations, not knowing what to do and such cases do exist. Go to the URL above read the case on my Uncle that has been missing since July 1, 1966 he was in the military stationed at a oversea’s military base came home for a visit then went back after about one month no contact after 39 years as of February 2005 the case got reported I filed a police report and did hit a few road blocks in the road but, have not given up hope. We want closure and answers not run arounds and excuses. Go to