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September 16th, 2005

Why Cold Case Squads Matter

Everywhere, all over America, the percentage of unsolved murders has been slowly creeping up. Right now, more than a third of all murder cases go cold. And yet, as fewer and fewer murders are solved, and the number of cold cases increases, all around the country police departments are allowing their Cold Case Squads to also slowly disintegrate.

But not everywhere. For the past year I have been putting together a list of Cold Case Squads.

Two years ago, Major John Newsom and the detectives of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Squad began re-investigating the 1999 murder of Troy Temar. On Tuesday they arrested a brother and sister for the murder.

From yesterday’s Cincinnati Enquirer. “When Donna Temar received a detective’s call that her son’s 6-year-old homicide may have been solved, she felt like a “1,000-pound weight” had been lifted from her heart.”

Donna Temar’s son Troy.


Good work, Warren County.

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  • 1 Scott // Sep 22, 2005 at 7:30 pm

    Yes, cold case squads matter!

    Troy Temar’s death has always stuck with me: a friend of mine lived very near Mr. Troy Temar and told me about the horrible circumstances of Temar’s mysterious death. Not only that, but when I drove home from work late at night, I would have to drive past the spot where the burning car containing Temar’s body was discovered (in the trunk, shot to death). It always gave me chills and bothered me that the case had seemingly been forgotten.

    But I just recently was startled when I heard on the news that arrests had been made. I didn’t think that the case would ever be solved. Great job, major John Newsom, the detectives of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Squad, and all who helped finding the murderer(s) of Troy Temar! To all working cold cases, keep up the good work!