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February 17th, 2006

Cold Case Crime Scene

These are my notes from a dig at a golf course. One of the Cold Case CIs (criminal informant) told them they’d find a body at this golf course.

“There’s two K9 dogs, a dozen guys, a couple of trailers, a grill is set up to feed everyone a meal, an investigator for the DA is here. We’ve gone pretty far into the course to start looking for the body, but Vito says he’d be amazed if they find a body here. ‘They’re lazy pricks,’ he says. Murderers usually don’t make much of an effort, they don’t carry bodies far, or dig their graves too deep. There’s the fairly constant pop of golf balls being hit on the fairway [later one will hit and break the back windshield of the guy who brought the ground penetrating radar machine].

The cadaver dog Storm is into the dig, he keeps getting excited, his handler says, ‘Easy.’ To me he says, ‘You don’t want them scratching one of them. Bomb Squad dogs sit down when they find something [smart]. Cadaver dogs go mental.’

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