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November 17th, 2015

NYPD’s Cold Case Squad is the Largest in the Country

They were down to eleven, and for a while the next largest squad, the LAPD’s Cold Case Homicide Unit, had overtaken them. But the NYPD’s Cold Case Unit now has twenty detectives, one lieutenant, and two sergeants (the LAPD has ten detectives and one lieutenant).

This must be due in part to Police Commissioner William Bratton, and the squad’s current commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander James West. I’m not saying one squad is better than the other, but New York City is larger, and with over 10,000 unsolved homicides going back to 1985, increasing the strength of the squad is a good move.

A picture of the original Cold Case Squad, taken shortly after the squad was formed in 1996.


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October 15th, 2015

No Body Homicide Investigation

No Body Homicide Investigation
Det. Wendell Stradford of the NYPD pointed me to this blog specializing in no body cases. It’s run by former DC Assistant United States Attorney Thomas A. DiBiase.

DiBiase is also the author of No-Body Homicide Cases: A Practical Guide to Investigating, Prosecuting and Winning Cases When the Victim is Missing, which came out last year. DiBiase has consulted on many no body cases, including Etan Patz.

Stradford has been working a couple of no body cases, one of which recently resulted in a conviction.

These cases have got to be some of the most difficult to investigate and prosecute, and for the families, the most heart-breaking. So good work Detective Stradford and Brooklyn ADA Melissa Carvajal.

Update: Louis Perez was just sentenced to 25 years to life for the 2006 murder of Bruce Blackwood.

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June 25th, 2015

Rest in Peace Detective Mark Tebbens

The Cold Case Squad regrets to announce the passing of Mark Tebbens. Funeral arrangements are as follows:

Sunday 06/28/15 from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Cargain Funeral Home
418 Route 6
Mahopac, NY 10541
(845) 628-5655

Monday 06/29/15 at 10:00 AM
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
221 E Lake Blvd
Mahopac, NY 10541
(845) 628-2006

A picture of Mark at a Yankee Game. The picture after that is at a 2013 Christmas Tree lighting. Mark is on the top left.

Det. Mark Tebbens, NYPD, Cold Case Squad


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June 23rd, 2015

Cold Case Conference June 29th

This is not a recommendation, because I am not familiar with this organization, but I wanted to post a link to their conference which starts next week.

From their website: “American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC) offers a professional, free, non-biased review of any cold case brought to us by law enforcement. We have an elite group of experts, the “best of the best”, to assist in solving cold cases. Click to see our expert Review Board of professional investigators and Consulting Committee Members and read why they are the best in the business at solving cold cases.”

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