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June 4th, 2008

Cold Case Playing Cards

Cards.jpg When I first read the words “cold case playing cards” I immediately moved on. I thought they were like those serial killer cards, meant for entertainment. But this is actually a program that came out of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, and the cards are meant for inmates who might be able to provide tips. Apparently they got the idea from a Florida program (that was a joint project between the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Department of Corrections, Attorney General’s Office and the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers) that has had [link no longer active] some success.

I read about the program here (and that is also where the picture comes from).

I know detectives do get a lot of tips from inmates and cards with cases and information that might jog memories seems like a great idea.

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  • 1 When in Rome // Jan 22, 2010 at 12:06 am

    I hope no relatives of the vics on those cards read this! The card are a good idea but while in pienelles county jail the “lack of respect” we showed those cards… is well .. I AM SORRY! NOT THE WAY YOU MIGHT THINK. We knew almost every card and their story we laughed and put together our own stories and judged the victims in our own way. It did get the word out . I publically apoligize for me and my cellies!

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