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October 31st, 2009

Attention Cold Case Squads Out There!

Please let me know that you exist. If you look over to the column on the left there’s a link called Cold Case Squads and Other Organizations.

For the past few years I’ve been maintaining a list of cold case squads around the country. If you don’t see your squad or related organization on this list, please email me the contact information for your squad or organization so I can add you to my list. Thank you!

This not only helps the friends and families of murder victims but other squads around the country and the world who need to contact you.  (The picture is of the grave of one of the murder victims I wrote about, Jean Sanseverino.)

Here’s something disturbing. When I first started researching my book I made a list of all the detectives and commanding officers in the NYPD’s Cold Case Squad. The disturbing fact is at the end of the list.

Cold Case Staff

Commanding Officer: Deputy Inspector Vito Spano
Executive Officer: Lt. Robert McHugh


Lt. Antonio Collazo.
Det. Dominic Andreno
Det. Stefano Braccini
Det. Dexter Honora
Det. Sylvia Bone
Det. Robert Santiago
Det. Wendell Stradford


Sgt. Dennis Bootle
Det. Carl “Chuck” Harrison
Det. Brian O’Toole
Det. Daniel D’Alessandro
Det. James Dudziec
Det. Toni Vanzetta
Angelo Cioffi, retired, kinda.


Lt. Phillip Panzarella
Det. Steven Kaplan
Det. Oscar Hernandez
Det. Michael Solomeno
Det. Tommy Wray
Det. Pat Dolan
Det. Kevin Cashen
Det. Mike Carrano


Sgt. Robert Galvin
Det. Steven Berger
Det. Margaret Fisher
Det. Kevin Lauler
Det. Michael Navarez
Det. Mark Tebbins
Det. Pablo Moss

The last I heard there are only 12 people left in the squad. (And they started out with around 50.)

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  • 1 R R // Aug 18, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I once got in contact with Det. Meg Fisher regarding a cold case file…… is she still around?

  • 2 Stacy Horn // Aug 19, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    She was active at the time I wrote my book, but that was seven years ago now. Why don’t you try contacting her again to see? If you’ve lost that information, the main number for the squad is (718) 834-2777.

    FYI: All the contact information for New York and other cold case squads and organizations is over on the top left under:

    Cold Case Squads & other Organizations Contact Info

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